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Team Rococo

Michaela Winter


I put my everything into Rococo. There's not much I dont know now about finding you the perfect gown these days!

I married abroad 2 years ago, and have 2 amazing daughters that keep me on my toes. If I'm not in the shop, being a personal taxi to the kids, or answering brides on FB groups, I'll be in the field with my horses, or walking the dogs!

I must admit, my life is so mental, that I survive on tea in the day, and a glass of red wine at night, while studying Equine Sports Massage Therapy in my spare time?

I cant wait to meet you and offer you my experience and knowledge ~ "Kyla" XX

Paula Fordi


I've been cutting clothes up since I was 11, much to my Mum's horror! Since then I've got a bit better at it! I can pretty much alter anything these days, or make it for you! I used to live in New Jersey in the US, and I've been married for 25 entertaining years - Which is why I also like Gin!

I have 2 amazing kids, one in Uni, and one starting college. After making my daughters prom dress, I'd say she was the only person I ever wanted to stick a pin in! - gotta love kids eh!

"Paula" XX