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Q & A's

You’ve Got Questions - I’ve Got Answers


How long does it take to order a gown? When should I order my gown?

Different designers offer various lead times, depending on their origin. Generally I say 4-5 months, but some take longer. I like to have your gown here around 4 months before the wear date, to allow for fittings, but the more time you leave, the better.
Maids can be around 12 weeks for delivery, but again, I still suggest having them ready for fittings 3-4 months before hand. Getting people in for alterations is hard, when you might work and have a life to lead too!

What prices are your Bridal gowns and maids?

I try to offer a reasonable price selection, and only stock gowns from suppliers I know and trust to offer the best quality for your money. Typically my bridal starts around £800 and I top out around £2,500.
The maids gowns are modest range of around £180 to £250, on average.
If you get both from me, I'll look after you dont worry....
If you dont have a budget in that price range, call me anyway! I always have selected gowns available to purchase of the rack at a discounted price - just because someone else may have tried it on! After all, why would you pay full price if it hasn't been made specially for you!?

Are alterations included in the cost of your gowns?

Sadly not - the reason being, the seamstress on site is her own boss, so you pay her for the work, not the shop. I provide the rooms and the services, and she provides the skill!
Not everyone needs alterations, and everyone is different, so she will only quote according to the work you need, and not a set price ~ which is more fair.
Think of a seamstress as the mechanic you'd pay to replace an engine in your car. You wouldn't trust just anyone to get it right, so its the skill and knowledge of the perfect fit that you are paying for.
One thing is though, her prices haven't changed in years, and shes the most competitive I've ever found.